~$ Website Design Choices

Posted on Jan. 23rd, 2021. | Est. reading time: 2 minutes


I've gotten a few comments on the "look and feel" of this website, and I wanted to clarify why a so-called experienced software developer would choose to have such an 80's style website.

This style is implemented by choice. The aesthetic of the website is definitely a subset of the "computer terminal" / "hacker" style, with a major focus as to making the content as easily accessible as possible, such as for example making the great majority of text on the website is high-contrast to improve legibility.

Another factor that I took into account during the design phase is that I wanted as little clutter as possible: no ads, no cookies, no logins, no sessions or anything. When you load a page, you get the content you loaded, it's styles and the procedurally generated JavaScript that allows for interactions.

As such, I develop the website using the Angular Framework, as well as the Bootstrap front-end framework. This enables me to continuously update it with new posts without having to rebuild the entire website, as I am then just adding an element in a predefined layout.

In the end, it is also about ease of maintenance. I use server emulation to prerender the content before uploading it, and thus new content is only a few operations away from being available for all to see.