~$ Security CoffeeHouse: BC2 Speaker Interviews

Posted on Dec. 12th, 2020. | Est. reading time: 2 minutes


A short while back, I spoke about IoT at BeerCon2 (see related blogpost here). I thought at that point that that would be the last I'd hear of that event for a short while. Thankfully, James Bore had other ideas.

At the Security CoffeeHouse, a panel-esque platform he created, he had decided to invite the BeerCon2 speakers over in small groups to talk about the event, in an informal setting.

The first session was with Ayush, Elizabeth, Lennaert and myself.

We discussed the steps that brought up our participation, how we prepared, what we thought about it, and the like.

The other sessions were with :

Then came the "bonus rounds", with the first hosted by Vix interviewing the BeerCon2 mentors Zoë Rose, James Bore, Claire Tills, Dave McKenzie and Sam Humphries (Twitter link).

Another hosted by Gerard and myself, where we interviewed The Beer Farmers members Scott McGready and Mike Thompson.