~$ Goodbye 2020: New Year Party

Posted on Jan. 2nd, 2021. | Est. reading time: 1 minutes


In the last few decades of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's been hard to go to parties that actually felt like parties.
Sure, Zoom rooms are fun and all, but it's hard to have a conversation with 3-4 people when there are 40 people in the room, or when music is involved.

For a New Year's Eve party, it would have been complicated to run it via a Zoom meeting, and would have potentially ruined the festivities for everyone.

It would seem that James Bore came to the same conclusion, looking everywhere he could for potential solutions to this problem.

In comes Gather.

The concept is rather simple: It's a small web based platform, where people incarnate small avatars and can move around the room. If they get within a certain distance of each other, they share a small video chat, and can potentially go play a game together.

It was fun, I met up with a few friends again and lost at virtual poker.