~$ Participating in KnightCTF!

Posted on Jan. 29th, 2022. | Est. reading time: 3 minutes

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The write-ups

I gave them each a page for legibility's sake. Also, you may want to preserve your scroll finger.

The story

Digital Overdose - the community I help manage - has a CTF team, with whomI sometimes participate in CTF events with.

I tried experimenting and getting out of my comfort zone with this CTF, solving a few challenges in categories I am not necessarily as good at, which was an eye-opening experience.

I did most of the challenges in disorder, but I spent a certain amount of time breaking the cryptography challenges. You can find those write-ups here.

I also dealt with the various challenges that exist in the misc category, the write-ups of which you can findp here.

My favorite category is of course related to various programming challenges. More about that here.

I've also dealt with two Android Reverse Engineering challenges, which are documented here.