~$ I went to Scotland!

Posted on Sep. 30th, 2022. | Est. reading time: 5 minutes


The end of the summer and the quick approach of fall did not do much to quell my desire to meet up with friends, and the perfect opportunity presented itself in the wedding of my friend Scott, to which he graciously invited several of the friends he had made during the tenure of the Infosec Happy Hour, including myself.

So there I was, headed to Glasgow to spend some time hanging out with friends, go to a fantastic wedding and finish the weekend before heading back home.

In the first few days, I spent a lot of time hanging out with Vi (and friends), and exploring the city, such as this street corner...

Picture of the Maggie May's.The Maggie May's, a bar in north-east Glasgow.

... and the famous George Square, ...

Picture of the statue in George Square.The statue in George Square

... walking through Kelvingrove Park and going to the museum.

Picture of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

On the day of the wedding, I may have almost been late to the shuttle, due to having to catch a ride to my lodging and grab Scott's trusty hat, that he had entrusted me with a few days prior.

But we made it on time, and it was a wonderful wedding, full of joy, excitement and music.

A picture of the wedding, converted to grayscale, with a tagline "Newlyweds" and a Parental Advisory noticeThis was subsequently memed a bit, in good fun.

After the wedding, I still had a day or two in Glasgow, so I went for another exploration, where I saw the Glasgow Cathedral...

Picture of the Glasgow Cathedral.The Glasgow Cathedral

... and subsequently crossed paths with a certain Doctor's TARDIS.

Picture of a blue police telephone box.A TARDIS

All in all this was a really fun trip, which although was less cyber-ey than my usual voyages, was real fun and gave me the opportunity to disconnect for a very appreciated second!