~$ Heading out to BSides London!

Posted on Dec. 20th, 2022. | Est. reading time: 4 minutes


My next trip took me out to London once again, where I had planned on attending BSides London, hang out with a few friends before and after that, as well as do some of the sightseeing I had not gotten the opportunity to the time before.

A day or so before BSides, I met up with my friend Gary for coffee, and walked around London a bit, visiting Waterloo and Whitechapel.

Picture of the Tower BridgeThe Tower Bridge
Picture of the Sky Garden and other buildings on the London SkylineThe Sky Garden and other buildings on the London Skyline

In the evening, I found a small fox friend!

Picture of FOPSFops

On Saturday, I headed to BSides and met up with Abby IRL again, met up with some Internet friends in person, some for the first time, namely Will, Rag, Alan, Ian, Dan Card, Reg, Sam, Rosie, Brian, barsteward, Tom and UndedInside.

I also made some cool new friend! Namely Addy, Emily and Alana.

Also I was going around the place with a shark and a flag, just because!

Picture of a Blåhaj in a bag.The Blåhaj and flag in question