~$ I finished my Master's degree!

Posted on Feb. 15th, 2023. | Est. reading time: 4 minutes


If you follow along with this blog, you may have noticed it simply lies dormant for months at a time before suddenly being filled with a series of new posts, magically from times when you thought the blog had not been updated.

Please do not question your sanity in these regards, but rather question mine, as, since September 2021, I have in fact been undertaking my Master's Degree in Information Systems and Services here at the University of Geneva, and mildly neglecting my blog, which I resolve when I have the time by backdating my posts.

I am relieved to say that that is no longer the case, as I have in fact spent most of the last two months writing my M.Sc. thesis, defending it on Feb. 8th, subsequently getting all the credits necessary to finish my M.Sc.

The thesis itself was titled "The 'FUNK' in 'IoT' stands for 'Field Unburdened (by the) Necessary Knowledge'" (a pun on "The 'S' in 'IoT' stands for 'Security'", and revolved around how skimping on security topics when teaching IoT development could lead to the current IoT threat landscape.

If you want to read it, drop me a message or an email.

As this may be of import, the Swiss grading system is from 0 to 6, with the latter being the highest attainable grade.

All in all, I got 6 for my thesis, and scored an average of 5.68 overall in my curriculum, which is wonderful.

I am super happy about this, albeit still processing it.

But that's me now done with Academia. Wahey!