~$ I went to Wales for BSides Cymru!

Posted on Feb. 16th, 2023. | Est. reading time: 2 minutes

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After writing and defending my M.Sc. thesis (see the related blogpost), I had scheduled to head out to Cardiff for BSides Cymru and give a talk there, in the village operated by the Trans Tech Tent.

I took an extended weekend and landed in Bristol on Thursday, after which I benefitted from the Welsh rail service to get me to Cardiff, after which I met up with a few friends from the T3 Discord, and we went to explore a bit and eat at Costco.

After this, I went to meet up with James and his partner at a cocktail bar, before retiring in my hotel.

Friday included similar shenanigans, as well as drinks and dinner with some of the BSides crew, including Mucka.

On Saturday came BSides, to which I came equipped with a shark (like at BSides London), and where I saw a great variety of talks.

I also gave a talk about the generalities of programming and how many languages were a bit complicated to deal with because of how they work.

The next day was dedicated to hanging out with some friends, as well as getting ready to fly back the day after.