~$ It's been 3 years.

Posted on Oct. 15th, 2023. | Est. reading time: 2 minutes



This blog - or rather, a collection of my brain dumps - has been going strong for the last 3 years, spanning 54 blog posts since the first blog post, which was released on October 15th, 2020.

The whole blog today is not necessarily reflective of the content as it was when published, as this blog has actually gone through a number of retcons, redactions and corrections through the years, for various reasons.

It sometimes surprises people that they have missed 4-5 of my blog posts in a row, and that's completely normal, as I usually have a running backlog of blogposts I haven't yet published (or backblog, if you will), and only get to writing at moments where I have sufficient spoons to do so.

I only write when I feel like it, and this helps me get into a more narrative mood, which in my opinion makes the content richer for the eventual reader.

So, what now?

Well, these blog posts will continue to be published sporadically and infrequently, and I'm going to continue living my life and enriching my experiences.

I do plan on someday adding some more technical write-ups on here, such as the ones currently hosted on my GitHub for various TryHackMe rooms, but that's a sizeable project for later.