~$ whoami

I'm someone, at least I think. The latter is enough, if you ask René Descartes.

Anyways, I look something like this at my most serious:

A picture of me.

  • 😄 Pronouns: she/her they/them
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  • 🔭 I'm an Infosec practitioner, a developer, an OSINT enthusiast and a CTF player.
  • ✨ I am one of the Community Managers at Digital Overdose, an infosec community on Discord, where I also organize the D.O. Conference!
  • 💬 Ask me about Development, Security and OSINT. Maybe also about various CTF challenges!
  • ⚡ Fun fact: I enjoy nerding out about fun things.

I'm involved in quite a few things, but I started out as some kid with no computer knowledge from somewhere in Switzerland.

When I was small I wanted to become something cool, like a rocket scientist, or a biomechanical engineer (in my mind someone who builds all these really cool prostheses and stuff). Alas, the realities of life caught up to me.
In high school (in France), I noticed my aptitude in maths, physics and the like was acceptable, but wasn't stellar.

What I did notice, was that I was pretty good in an elective class called "Computer systems and digital sciences", and furthermore, that I was interested by the field.
So started my fall into all things computer.

Back in 2015, I started out with Python and completed a small project called METARix. That little project took meteorological data from airplane strips, and was able to translate forecast data to English and project a landing angle for planes on runways.
That got me hooked.

Of course, I failed some other classes and didn't have the grades to go to university in Switzerland (which, if you know the French university system, is a big deal).
My solution? Redo my last year.

That got me a year where I could go over some details I'd forgotten, but it also got me to take that elective again, where I outperformed myself and learned more about the field (as well as some Java and C++).

I graduated with some pretty good marks, and managed to enroll at EPFL (one of Switzerland's top polytechnical universities) in Computer Science, which was "the dream".
Spoiler alert: I failed. Hard. All of the higher level maths were coming to bite me in the ass.

So, what next?
After some searching, I enrolled in the University of Geneva, in the Institute for Information Systems and Service Sciences, where I obtained a Bachelor's degree, and recently finished my Master's Degree.

There, I got more and more involved in security and sideloaded infosec.

I work as a computer-booper!

I was until recently (early-2023) a student at the Institute for Information Systems and Service Sciences, where I completed my MSc in Information Systems and Services and Information Security.

I used to be a teaching assistant for 3 classes: "Introduction to Programming", "Software & Computer Networks" and the "Transversal Class on the Digital".

I used to partake quite actively in our student body association, where I acted as community manager and secretaryvice-president president, from 2019 until 2022.

In 2021 I also got more involved in infosec communities, joining Infosec Happy Hour (EDIT 2022: Defunct) and TMHC (EDIT 2022: Defunct), and also giving my first ever talk!

In 2021, I acquired my Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems and Service Sciences.

Until 2020, I worked as a workshop host for students from middle- and high-school, where they can become more acquainted with the world of computers.

In 2020, I co-founded an association with friends at the end of a hackathon, and our aim is to create a platform where people can easily acquire relevant information when victims of domestic abuse. (EDIT 2021: I've since taken my leave from this project)

From 2019 to early-2021, I started to work as a software developer in a (to-be-open-sourced) project concerning IoT, mobile development and pollution, which is still currently [REDACTED].

Mainly development! I've worked with Python, Java, Scala, Golang, C, Dart, JS, TS, PHP, C++ and am looking to skill up in Ruby and Rust.

I'm familiar with a growing number of topics in Infosec.

Finally, I'm not too shabby at OSINT!