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Dec. 20th, 2022

Heading out to BSides London!

BSides London, one of the UK's biggest BSides events, and the friends that were made along the way.

Oct. 15th, 2022

Heading out to DTX360 and BeerCon4!

BeerCon4, a cybersecurity event! (but at a trade show???)

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Apr. 26th, 2022

Digital Overdose Conference 2: We're doing this again!

Going behind the scenes of the second iteration of the Digital Overdose Conference.

Posts of 2021

Nov. 25th, 2021

Speaking about communities at conINT

I took a stab at taking one year of experience in managing a community of hackers, and trying to discuss the benefits of Intelligence when it comes to keeping its members safe.

Apr. 29th, 2021

The 2021 Digital Overdose Conference: Tales and Takeaways

Speaking a bit more about my experiences surrounding and during the Digital Overdose Conference.

Feb. 6th, 2021

Building DO's website in 6 days!

Going through the various steps of how I helped build DO's website.

Feb. 1st, 2021

Introducing... Digital Overdose Con!

I'm co-organizing a conference for rookie speakers

Jan. 2nd, 2021

Goodbye 2020: New Year Party

Saying goodbye to 2020, with friends!

Posts of 2020

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Dec. 12th, 2020

Security CoffeeHouse: BC2 Speaker Interviews

I participated in James Bore's Security CoffeeHouse!

Nov. 12th, 2020


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